Our History


KULE was born out of Geoffrey Tindyebwa’s desire to give back to the village community that had adopted him after his escape from his home in Uganda during the murderous regime of Dictator Idi Amin in the late 1970s. This desire was subsequently enriched by the ambition to provide opportunities for volunteer work in safe and supervised environment as part of providing education outside and beyond the classroom. KULE started in 2000 and has run annually since then.

Through the years

2000 - KULE was founded
Originally meant to give back to the community that supported its founder, Geoffrey, during his days as a forced migrant, it blossomed into providing international understanding outside the classroom and beyond physical and metaphorical borders. It is registered in Kenya as an NGO, Number 161146; and as Number S-56519 under the British Columbia Society’s Act.
2010 - Partnership with the International School of Geneva
For nearly 10 years, KULE has also partnered with the International School of Geneva to put into practice our common goals of educating the mind and body of every participant. Some schools have also previously sent student groups on our projects as part of the IB CAS requirements. Such schools include Atlanta International School in Georgia (USA), Wesley College (in Melbourne, Australia), Greengate School (Mexico) and Mulgrave School (Canada). The latter school did so for three consecutive years during which they contributed greatly to the building of the Mukangu-Mulgrave library. This transformative facility was handed over to the community in 2010 and it is still the only one in the district.
2017 - KULE becomes an offiical CAS activity in Pearson College
KULE has become an official CAS activity in Pearson College UWC instead of a student service group on campus. It now receives proper funding from the college, and has more students and time dedicated to student-led fundraising effort, pushing students to make use of their creativity and skills to serve for a purpose. (Service is part of the CAS ideals, along side with Creativity and Action)
2018 - A series of re-branding of KULE has begun
The new KULE website is started with the help of our amazing Pearson alumnus Aziz Sonawalla. It now has a more organized and comprehensive overview of what KULE is, and up-to-date information. Alongside we also have restarted the usage of our social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and we wished to keep you all updated on what is happening real time with the organization.
2019 - The new Uganda summer program is scheduled to start!
After almost two decades of effort in Kenya, KULE founder Geoffrey Tindyebwa is excited to annouce that a new summer program in Uganda is available! Uganda is where Geoffrey is originally from, and this year his hope of giving back is finally realized. KULE continues to welcome individual student to join our program, from various education curriculum, and make a positive change.