Kenya Summer Program

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JULY 3, 2024
  • Arrive in Nairobi (pick-up from the airport at 8:00 AM)
  • Tour the city!
  • Check-in to hotel in Murang’a (where student and adult participants will stay during the program time in Murang’a county)
JULY 14, 2024
  • Leave Murang’a County and return to Nairobi
  • Stay overnight at hotel in Nairobi
JULY 15-17, 2024
  • Trip to Masai Mara Wildlife Conservation for Wildlife Safari
  • Return to Nairobi
  • Late lunch and overnight stay at Nairobi hotel
JULY 3-14, 2024
  • Construction work 
  • Orphandage & school visits
  • Feminine Hygiene project*
  • Computer skills training
  • Make a documentary- videos, photos, write-ups- of the whole experience
  • Teaching visual & creative arts/writing*
  • Cultural sharing afternoon/Evening among KULE students**
  • Learning local geography, history, culture & language**
  • Excursion
  • Daily reflection led by a different student
JULY 18, 2024
  • Tour of the city/visit children’s home in the morning***
  • Afternoon: visit an old people’s home***
  • Some students travel back to Murang’a county to stay at the chairman’s home
  • Evening: Most participants fly out of Nairobi for their next destination
JULY 19-23, 2024 (for the chairman's KULE guests)
  • Culture immersion activities and work at the orphanage
  • Excursion to agriculture farms (rice, coffee, tea, banana plantation)
  • Learning global geography, history, culture, and language(s)***
  • JULY 23, 2024 – Depart from Nairobi for evening flights home

*= If there are participants offering to lead this project well before the program

**= Unlike in the past, these activities (especially language learning and creative art/ writing) will be more structured. Students interested in leading the creative art/writing project should contact for guidance and early planning.

***= This is new and intended to give participants a better sense of the city and, also, to see a different way in which some better-funded organizations support the vulnerable members of society.

PS. In the coming months, more details about our activities will be communicated to the program’s enrolled participants.