Kenya Summer Program

Anticipated 2023 Program Dates

The program will run from 4 July to 19 July. Students from Pearson College UWC will leave on 25 July.

2022 Program Dates

1. July 5: Airport pick-up in the morning. Tour of the city. Lunch at Sagret Hotel.
2. July 5, pm. Travel to Murang’a Mukawa & Lodges, our full board accommodation hosts until 17 July. The main activities during that time will be working on the construction site (WCS), the feminine hygiene project (FHP), if we get funds, and ICE (Intercultural Exchange via school visits, creative and visual writing activities, and classroom ‘teaching’).

3. July 6- ICE- Mukangu primary and secondary schools. FHP (tentative).

4. July 7: WCS in the morning. Visit Roco 20 Academy for ICE.

5. July 8: WCS all day.

6. July 9: morning- rest. Afternoon- visit Koimbi Children’s Home for ICE

7. July 10- WCS all-day

8. July 11- full day at Mukangu Primary School. FHP/ICE

9. July 12- WCS morning. Afternoon- ICE at Mukangu Secondary School

10. July 14: Roco 20 Academy- all day.

11. July 15: morning- WCS; afternoon- visit Kiboi Secondary School- social/football/FHP

12. July 16- WSC – whole day.

13. July 17- morning- rest and ISG park. Lunch at the hotel. Afternoon: leave for overnight stay at Sagret Hotel.

14. July 18- 20: safari to Masai Mara, very early morning. Late lunch. Game drive after lunch. July 19: game drive all day.

15. July 20, early morning- return to Nairobi. Late lunch at Sagret Hotel. Overnight at Sagret Hotel.

16. July 21- early departure by Ghana (and Geneva OR Geneva to leave in the evening/TBC).

17. July 21- The rest of the team travels to their new abode: the Chairman’s homestead in Mukangu village.

18. July 22- WCS in the morning. Afternoon- work at the library, cataloguing the books donated by the Ismail community in Kenya through Ilyana.

19. July 23- WCS or excursion

20. July 24- Pack, lunch and depart for home or next destination.