Adults are welcome to volunteer, through KULE, with our partners in community development. However, this depends on the skills of the applicant. In Kenya, our partners are mainly Roco 20 Academy and St Anna Care Centre. Skills required are mainly: computer literacy and general education. In Uganda, the partners are Somero-Uganda. Skills required are the same as those for Kenya. In addition, volunteers with skills in either tailoring or photography, interior design, carpentry, and general teaching.

In addition, medical health providers are most welcome for both countries. Such volunteers will work in designated hospitals, health clinics and centers near KULE projects.



School groups, like those wanting to do KULE during spring break, are also welcome. Usually, such groups work on the regular summer program projects. For 2019-20, these projects are the primary school building project, visiting local schools for cultural exchange purposes, and volunteering in the orphanages with specific tasks (e.g. painting dormitories and teaching basic literacy skills).

For more details, contact