Providing Water to Mukangu

We have partnered with the Mukangu community to build one or more wells that will, for the very first time in history, provide drinking water to 4,000 people, who still have to walk for hundreds of kilometres, back and forth, just to get access to water, even if it is polluted.

We plan to drill more durable and efficient wells than the conventional hand-pumped ones, improving the overall health of the community and agricultural opportunities, contributing to the eradication of poverty in rural Kenya.  

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The Project

Mukangu is a rural village comprised by 4,000 people, mostly small-scale farmers living way below the poverty line and without access to clean, drinking water. Presently, these families rely on polluted water from a nearby seasonal stream and women and children see themselves forced to hand-carry the water home, often by several kilometres.

We are aware that the demand for wells in Kenya is enormous and although many agencies have been working hard to provide them, not enough families have access to water, which is why independent efforts by groups like KULE are necessary.

Therefore, we have partnered with the Mukangu community to drill a more permanent and durable well than the hand-pumped ones. This will involve using machinery to drill the water (level: nearly 300 feet below), installing a water tank and pipes to store and distribute this precious commodity to each institution and homestead. The project will provide safe and more accessible drinking water for the whole community, thereby improving the health of all, and enabling villagers to start small-scale farming and business ventures, like keeping poultry and growing vegetables.

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