Medicine/Nursing Program in Nairobi

Global Health Program is a rare opportunity for first and second year medicine or nursing students to attend lectures and learn from the doctors working in a local University Hospital about practical medical skills and knowledge, as well as the difficulties and challenges in their jobs. Moreover, participants can also provide voluntary medical services in local hospitals, and even in village Health Clinics, where tools and resources are rather under-supplied. They can experience how to work with limited technological aid, but still provide the necessary services needed by the locals.

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A special thanks to Astrid Peacock and Erik Vantomme who personally helped lead the program.

The Project

There is a general lack of doctors and medical expertise in Kenya, especially in village clinics out of Nairobi that lack the proper personnel to treat local patients. Sexually transmitted diseases and diarrheal diseases are also very common, and are the top two causes for death in Kenya, which makes it necessary to provide more education to locals on medical issues and personal hygiene.

Our Global Health Program is led by two former KULE participants, Astrid Peacock (Pearson College UWC Year 33) and Erik Vantomme (Pearson College UWC Year 36). Astrid is currently studying medicine at Memorial University in Newfoundland, and Erik is studying in the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine.

We provide opportunities to first and second year university students studying medicine or nursing at the prestigious Aga Khan University Teaching Hospital in Nairobi to attend lectures given by local professors, and participate in practical lessons to gain first-hand experiences. Participants will also have the chance to volunteer at the Muranga County Referral Hospital, and work at neighboring health clinics deep in Mukangu village nearby, at the same time educate them on medical issues which are both very close to sites where regular KULE projects are conducted.

How to help

We are looking for school groups and individuals to sponsor this impactful project. Through your generous support, we can donate money to village clinics to purchase more advanced equipments, and provide accessible education to locals on disease prevention. Donate now or participate in our transformational Summer Program.