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Daily necessities of children in Kenya continue to challenge us in many ways. It is indeed helpful to donate clothes, books or stationery to schools in Kenya, but we understand that such voluntary work will not be sustainable at all.

We are looking forward to shift our donation into mostly monetary, so that we can make use of it and purchase goods locally, thereby supporting the local industry and people. Through this, not only the children that we are directly working with will be benefited, but also the local people who produce clothes, books, stationery, among others, can indirectly benefit from our project.

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The Project

Children in orphanages are very vulnerable as a direct result of the lack of financial strength, below average hygiene and sanitation conditions that bring about illnesses, especially without proper medical care in Mukangu. They are also vulnerable in other aspects as well, growing up without sufficient parental love and care, and with only basic education; children at Koimbi and St. Anna’s are also susceptible to negative emotions and weak mental health.

Specific actions that we have taken in previous years include:

Cows for Milk: In the Summer Program of 2010, Misses KULE and HOPE (names of the cows) were donated to the Koimbi Orphanage to provide fresh milk to the children.

Water Tank: In mid-2010. we have started building a water tank, and it is one of our main focuses to maintain and improve water facilities.

Chicken Project: Since 2008, KULE participants have been donated chickens to Koimbi. The children not only have fresh supply of eggs and meat, but also learn from experiencing how to take care of the chickens.

Food, clothing and daily supplies: We continue to donate food, clothing and shoes.

Infrastructure: We have assisted in painting the dormitories of Koimbi’s Orphanage.

Teaching: Each year during the summer program, teaching at St. Anna’s is always one of the main tasks. Over the years, we have extended to Koimbi, and we look forward to allocating more time for this project in the coming summer programs.

Other Forms of Support: Other forms of continued care for these children include providing them with basic stationery, donating good condition second hand computers to St Anna’s and Koimbi.