Building a Permanent Shelter

We plan to build at least one more permanent house for destitute families in both Kenya and Uganda as part of our collective effort to eradicate poverty and facilitate social mobility in the African continent. This project represents an exciting challenge for our foundation as it will require more funds and hands that any other project in the last 18 years! We count on you to lift families out of poverty and change their lives forever.

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The Project

As part of our collective effort to make vital differences in the lives of the less privileged in Kenya and Uganda, we are planning to build more permanent houses for destitute families. We have already built five, but for the time being, we aspire to build at least one permanent house, whose beneficiary will be chosen by the committee of the elders.

At KULE, we are aware that poverty eradication is indeed one of the biggest challenges in the African continent, and we are therefore deeply committed to lifting as many families as possible out of poverty. This commitment has led us to prioritise projects on education, health, water and now a permanent shelter for the most vulnerable.

The Problem

Many families do not have even a roof to live under, preventing them from escaping poverty.

The Opportunity

It is an opportunity to lift at least one family out of extreme poverty.  

Our Solution

The breaking of a poverty trap and an opportunity for social mobility in the family.