Building a Nursery & Primary School

After already having built one classroom in Ithirianga, in the county of Mukangu, in collaboration with participants from the International School of Geneva as well as their families, we would like to expand the project which is the first of its kind in the region. We plan on building two additional classrooms. The goal is to create an elementary school, so that school children from the area do not have to walk far distances in order to receive a basic education.

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The Problem

We intend on starting off by building two classrooms. The second building phase will include the construction of a wall around the school grounds as well as an entrance gate. Also the planning for other amenities necessary for a functioning primary school has already begun. We hope to receive more funds, in order to complete this project. Any school, church or other kind of organization interested in taking on the project or in providing financial aid is more than welcome to do so.

The Opportunity

Right now, many children in Ithirianga, in the county of Mukangu, need to walk on foot for around 10 km each weekday, in order to reach the next primary school. It takes them another 10 km to return home.