Building a Library

Since 2010, KULE has been collaborating with Mukangu Secondary School to build a fully-stocked Library for kids, teenagers, and adults in a rural and isolated community in central Kenya. As a fundamental part of our Summer Program, participants in previous years contributed to the construction of the Library, both by raising funds or doing manual work. Now that the construction has been completed, we are raising funds to buy books and computers, as well as other educational materials, to continue to change lives in Kenya through our foundation’s impact.

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A special thanks to Tony Macoun and Lesley Tetiker who personally helped raise the funds needed to construct the library.

The Project

The Rural School

Mukangu Secondary School is a rural school in Murang’a (the central province of Kenya), built by members of the local community scraping and toiling to start the very first harambee school (self-help) in the region. The fundraising efforts of these committed parents have even included men cycling all the way to Mombasa, Kenya’s city on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

The school started off very poorly and since the groundbreaking in 2007, the community has barely managed to build basic facilities in the school. Despite this, students continue to do very well in academic and extracurricular activities.


KULE Partnership

Since 2010, KULE has been collaborating with the school to build, and subsequently stock, a library for kids, teenagers, and adults in this extraordinary community. Having fully  integrated this project to our summer program, our immediate goal is to raise funds with which to stock the Library with educational materials and a few computers. We intend to hand a fully-stocked library to the community in the summer.  

The Problem

The school as well as the community do not have enough funds to build basic facilities, such as a fully-equipped Library, with books and computers, among others.   

The Opportunity

The Library was needed urgently at the school as students need a place to study and have broad access to all sorts of information, both in paper and online. We were able to hire some workers to help us with the construction of the library and buy the required raw materials.  

Our Solution

The construction of a Library that will benefit the kids, teenagers, and adults of this rural community in Kenya.