Student Store Fundraising

By Lena Huang | 25th January, 2019
With a number of students involved, the KULE team is internally divided into various sections, each selecting a prime aspect to focus on: communications, fundraising, marketing, et cetera. Earlier this year, students were brainstorming ideas for school-wide fundraising when a few took the initiative to extend an existing project; taking their own passion for baking during their leisure time and selling the byproducts as a means to support KULE. With an aim to promote our fundraising efforts within the student body and to keep everyone informed in regards to what KULE has been doing throughout the year, KULE has been teaming up with our beloved student store, ‘Le Dep’, to sell homemade baked goods and T-shirts designed by our very own. By whipping up a roughly a dozen per baked sale at an affordable price of $2 per piece, the baking team has had more than 7 bake sales per date, amounting at a success of more than $100 so far for KULE’s mission, and will continue their work in the second term. Thank you KULE team for your hard work, and we anticipate more good news to accompany in the near future!