KULE CAS Week (Creativity, Action, Service)

By Daniel Corredor | 25th January, 2019
From October 21st to 27th, the KULE Team at Pearson College went to Victoria, BC, to work intensively on ongoing and new projects that we will be sharing very soon with you all. This week was a great opportunity to leave academics aside and focus on our individual and collective passions as well as exploit our talents for KULE. We started off by working on our new website, which implied migrating all of our data and content from the previous site to the one you are reading right now and coming up with new and more interactive content, renovating our image and representing a new era for our foundation, with more participants, volunteers, and impact than ever before. During the next few days we visited two elementary schools in Greater Victoria Area, where we introduced to 5th and 6th graders our local flagship project “Pen-Pal”. We taught around 70 students how to write a letter, describe their lives and country, and ask questions to their new buddies in the African continent. We are very excited to promote and live our mission of delivering to Canadian students an enriching experience beyond classrooms, beyond borders, and see these kids reflect on their identity and start a journey towards greater open-mindedness and tolerance from an early age. Finally, we started to build a larger network with other like-minded organisations to start new projects in the fall or throughout next year. We also started to plan strategic alliances that will help us deliver our projects both in Canada and abroad. We hope to share goods new with you pretty soon. The KULE Team at Pearson College UWC