KULE CAS Week 2022

By Luna Tariku | 7 Feb 2023

During the week from October 24th to October 28th, 2022 the KULE team at Pearson College carried out its annual CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) week. During this week, the students collaborated with the Metchosin community to accomplish numerous projects.


The week started off with students preparing chili and salad for a dinner at Gordon United Church, where Metchosin residents gather monthly. The participating students interacted with the local community through fun activities that allowed them to build meaningful connections. Throughout the week, students made jewellery and greeting cards which were later sold at the Metchosin Very Merry Makers Market in December. Co-leader of the KULE CAS, Jennifer, said that “preparing the jewellery and cards throughout the week was a success. I was able to embrace creativity with my friends, which was the main reason for the project’s success.” To complete the jewellery making project, the KULE team collaborated with local Metchosin residents, allowing for a deeper connection between the two parties.


Later in the week, four members of the team helped out at Rainbow Kitchen, a community kitchen, while another group held a tea and pumpkin carving session with seniors at Cherish Seniors’ Living. Furthermore, the students created various activities for kids at a local daycare. To culminate the week, Pearson students, alongside local schools from the Greater Victoria Green Team removed invasive species from Portage Park.


Despite the limited time during the week, KULE was able to achieve its goals of enriching students with a valuable educational experience while achieving the CAS objectives. Ilyana, the co-leader of KULE CAS, said “the week gave us an opportunity to engage with the local Metchosin and Langford communities. It was an enjoyable learning and serving experience.”