Projects that will be continued, different teams as of now. The KULE team is back and ready to face the jam-packed agenda for the 2019-20 school year. As Pearson welcomes a new cohort of Year 46 students, our first commencement meeting of the year is met with new members eager to learn more about the mission of KULE and familiar faces to carry on the KULE legacy. Indeed, these new and familiar faces bring exciting projects for the year ahead. Moreover, we are proud and grateful for our team’s diversity, including students all the way from Morocco and Greenland to China and Australia. Starting in mid-August, the team has re-launched our fundraising campaign at Pearson College. Just a week ago, the first KULE Movie Night was held at the student common room, gathering more than 30 students to watch one of Pixar’s new releases. And a week before this, we invited the school community to a communal celebration, which included a massive chocolate cake and the screening of a mini-clip from our trip to Kenya this past summer. It is always rewarding to see students and faculty alike celebrate the existence of KULE and contribute with their time and resources to our organization.